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With our manufacturing plant in United Arab Emirates, we offer significant time-to-market advantages. Two modern ports (Mina Saqr in Ras Al Khaimah, and Jebel Ali in Dubai) featuring full handling and storage facilities are located near FTI’s plant, products are guaranteed to sail in less than 48 hours after leaving the manufacturing facility providing quick sailing to major European and US ports (20 days to Rotterdam and 30 days to New York for instance).

FTI possesses a warehouse and logistics center located in Belgium, giving our partners a jump on competitors that rely on media originating from Asia. For North American markets,

FTI Liaison offices with warehouse and fulfillment centers are established on the West and East Coasts providing fast delivery service.

The shorter lead times offered by FTI enable Customers to maintain lower inventory levels and maximize cash flow.

FTI offers a range of onsite services to further expedite the fulfillment process. An in-house logistics organization is dedicated to optimizing the supply chain to meet the unique requirements of each Customer.

FTI also boasts advanced inventory management systems and onsite inventory storage to help eliminate inefficiencies typically associated with warehousing.

FTI keeps expanding its sales and distribution network worldwide providing their growing Customers base with the necessary dedicated and focused local support. 

Inventory management service is installed to provide additional services and flexibility to our partners. With a very short lead time, they can keep on-site inventory completely managed by FTI and ready to be shipped anywhere in the world on demand

FTI provides a “Business Co-development” service to its partners using competencies, capabilities and network in the industry

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