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April 2004 – Company’s foundation as a Swiss-Emirati co-investment between PrimusTech Investments, the RAK Government and a group of UAE national investors.

After its foundation, FTI  went through 18 months of pre-operation activities building and setting up of the infrastructure and the special world-class clean-rooms, the production facilities including the construction of sophisticated utilities technical center; the installation and commissioning of the first wave of manufacturing lines and in parallel the setting up of the organization (key management, administration, sales, logistics, and technical staff.)

• 2005  - Grand Opening Ceremony and Plant inauguration on November 13.

• 2006  - First product certification by Philips.

             - ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certifications.
             - First technology transfer program completion and supply to international OEM clients.
             - Installation and commissioning of second wave of production lines  to ramp up capacity.

• 2007  - Second technology transfer program completion and extension of the offering to  include  high storage

                capacity products.

             - Launch of professional product lines and own brand “FalconMedia Pro”.
             - Launch of FTI proprietary printable solutions.
             - Launch of Archival product line development program.

• 2008 -  Technology licensing and launch of the new HD Blu-ray products production, the world first out of


             -  Successful introduction of FTI own branded products in the European continent.
             -  First supplies of Blu-ray products to the most demanding Japanese brands and market.

• 2009  - Launch of FTI North American operations of professional and archival product lines sales and start

                building the American distribution network.

             - Continuous efforts and investments in R&D allowed FTI to extend its products portfolio and position

                the company as the leader in innovation of printable - technologies.

• 2010  - Expansion of FTI global market presence, distribution network and number of users.

             - Successful launch of FTI Archival media Gold Century second generation product line.
             - Presentation and release of FTI new water resistant inkjet printable solutions.

• 2011  - Launch of FTI Archival media Platinum Century product line.

             - Release of our innovative Inkjet Glossy printable solution.
             - FTI is recognized as the world leader of professional and archival optical data storage media.
             - PrimusTech management mandate ended in March and company management was handed over

                after a successful mission accomplishment to a new local management team.


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